Kratt Master Key Pitch Pipe - F-F

SKU:  ae00-27294
Manufacturer Part #:  MK1S

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The Kratt Master Key chromatic pitch pipe makes it easy to reference tones from F to F. You can use it for tuning timpani or any other instrument. Includes plastic case to keep your pitch pipe clean and safe. Constant research and refinement enable the Kratt Master Key to stay ahead of its imitators. This all-blow circular pitch pipe covers the full range of the chromatic scale, using 13 hand-tuned special bronze reeds with patented tone chambers - precision tuned and checked to A-440. The Kratt Master Key Pitch Pipe has been family produced in the USA for over 80 years.

Model: MK1S
Manufacturer: Kratt


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SKU:  ae00-27294^MK1S
Manufacturer Part #:  MK1S
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