Rental Terms and Conditions:

I. NONRENEWABLE OR DEFAULT: Customer may at any time during the lease term return the instrument to the Lessor without any further obligation, except to pay any lease fee which became due and payable prior to return of the instrument and except to pay any charge for repairs and reconditioning as provided in paragraph IV(d) hereof. For example, if Customer returns the instrument undamaged prior to the end of any lease term, Customer's obligations hereunder cease. Lessor may conclude this lease as of the end of any lease period by mailing written notice of non renewal to Customer at the indicated address on or before the last day of the then current lease term. If Customer fails to pay lease fee within 10 days after being due, Lessor may at its option terminate this lease and demand return of the instrument. If the instrument is not returned in accordance with the notice of non renewal or demand, Customer shall be deemed in default, and in addition to any other amounts owing hereunder, shall be liable to Lessor for each calendar month (or part thereof) which elapses between the end of the lease period and the return of the instrument. If the instrument is not returned within 90 days following termination of the lease, Customer shall be liable to Lessor for the declared value of the instrument.


a. During the existence of this Agreement, Customer will keep the instrument at the address below Customer's signature, at the school, or other location where lessons are taken, and such locations will not be changed without prior written consent of Lessor.

b. Customer warrants that the musical instrument is to be used PRIMARILY for personal or family purposes.

c. Customer shall not misuse, secrete, sell, encumber, remove or otherwise dispose of or lose possession of the instrument, nor permit nor suffer any lien, encumbrance or charge against the instrument. The loss, injury or destruction of the instrument shall not release Customer from liability for it. If the instrument is not returned to Lessor for any reason, Customer shall be liable to Lessor for the declared value of the instrument.

d. If a returned instrument shows excessive wear or damage, including dents, bent keys, damaged valves or slides or excessive loss of bow hair or loss of strings by reason of abuse to the instrument, Lessor has the option to charge Customer and Customer shall pay, an amount sufficient to cover necessary repairs and reconditioning.

e. FORFEITURE CLAUSE: If Customer does not make payments as provided above and the instrument is left in a public place (i.e. not in your home), Lessor may legally take possession of the instrument.

f. Payments are due on or before the commencement of the initial lease period and each extension period.

III. MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: The Lessor shall, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, without additional charge and upon delivery of the instrument to its store at 2200 West Beltline Highway, Madison, Wisconsin, provide all maintenance and repairs required to keep the instrument in good working condition, provided that the maintenance or repair is not resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect. Finish and lacquer is not included. Additionally, broken strings are not covered after 60 days after the commencement of this Lease. In the case of fire or theft, your Homeowner's Insurance must pay Ward-Brodt Music the current replacement cost of the instrument minus your deductible. Ward-Brodt Music will pay only the amount of your deductible. Contact us after you have reported the loss to the proper authorities and your insurance agent. Exclusions: Any evidence of abuse, misuse, neglect or intentional damage will not be covered.

IV. The parties understand that the instrument leased hereunder is not for sale. Nor do any of the payments made go toward the purchase of an instrument.

V. No provision of a marital property agreement, a unilateral statement electing to treat income to non-marital property as individual property or a court decree under the remedy provisions of the Marital Property Act adversely affects the interest of the Lessor unless the Lessor, before granting credit, is furnished with a copy of the agreement, statement or decree or has actual knowledge of the adverse provision when the obligation to the Lessor is incurred.


You may cancel this agreement by mailing a written notice to Ward-Brodt Music Company, PO Box 259810, Madison, Wisconsin 53725-9810, before midnight of the third business day after you sign this online agreement. If you wish you may use a hard copy of that notice by writing, "I hereby cancel" and adding your name and address. A duplicate of this statement is provided by the Lessor for your records. We have included a convenient form at the bottom of your receipt. Simply cut along the dotted line, then sign your name/address and mail it to us.