Kellyberg Tuba Mouthpiece - Crystal Purple

SKU:  ae00-39658
Manufacturer Part #:  TUKECP

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How do KELLY Mouthpieces compare to old-fashioned brass mouthpieces? They're more comfortable, feel softer & warmer! The response & sound are the same! Price is FANTASTIC and they come colored, too! Don't let the color fool you though, they are made of Lexan material that is virtually indestructible because they're the same material as bulletproof glass & safety eyeglass lenses! They won't scratch the rim or dent the shank if dropped and does NOT conduct cold or heat like brass mouthpieces. The temperature remains neutral to inclement conditions. They are made entirely in Wisconsin too!

Manufacturer: Kelly Mouthpiec

Crystal Purple

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SKU:  ae00-39658^TUKECP
Manufacturer Part #:  TUKECP
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