Gladstone Practice Pad

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Performance Plus heavy duty 14 inch diameter solid all rubber drum practice pad is designed to sit on top of the head of a 14 inch snare drum, or any flat surface such as a table or desk & is a practical proven practicing tool for stick rhythm, technique, accuracy and balance. The raised 6 diameter solid rubber center section is designed to encourage and maintain a central hitting point of the snare drum, making the Performance Plus RPP-14 Practice Pad an affordable practice accessory for drummers of any level. Ideal for use at home, school, in the studio, on the road, or before a gig. When applied, this pad can reduce the noise of hitting the snare drum by as much as 70% without inhibiting the style or performance technique of the player. The pad is easy to carry and transport, is lightweight, and does not need any installation, adhesives or special adapters. Designed for heavy use. Performance Plus 14? practice pad made out of rubber to fit onto a snare drum or any flat surface for practicing your 'drum sticking' work. Extra thick 6? diameter central section where it is usually struck. Fits perfectly on standard-sized 14" snare drums, making practice sessions a lot quieter! Please note: The Performance Plus RPP-14 is made of solid rubber. Other rubber practice pads have the appearance of being solid but underneath the center "sweet spot" is often hollowed out to save production cost which provides less resistance and will wear out quicker and have a shorter life.

Model: DPP1

Gladstone Practice Pad

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Manufacturer Part #:  DPP1
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