Yamaha YFL-677HCT Professional Flute

SKU:  ae00-39934
Manufacturer Part #:  YFL-677HCT

Product Summary

Sounds of Spring Rebate Instrument

Inheriting the many merits of top-of-the-line Yamaha handmade flutes, these models offer rich, nuanced tonality over a wide dynamic range.

Yamaha USA

Product Features

The YFL-677HCT combines the brilliance of nickel silver with the characteristic mellow timbres of sterling silver.

All professional models come with hand-finished headjoints based on the Type A headjoints supplied with the 800 and 900 series handmade flutes.

The keys feature traditional pointed key arms, reflecting the highest level of craftsmanship and adding visual elegance to these outstanding instruments.

Straubinger Phoenix™ Pads offer the same concept as the Straubinger™ Pads on Yamaha Handmade Flutes, and have a more suitable design for the 600/700 series. The pads allow the player to play with a softer touch while providing a more precise and consistent seal, superior response, wide dynamic range and longer life in regards to adjustment.

0.43mm wall thickness is now a standard feature on 600 and 700 series flutes. Combined with the new hand-finished headjoint and the Straubinger Phoenix™ Pads, the increased wall thickness provides excellent balance, and a warm, beautiful sound.

This model utilizes the “pinless left-hand key system,” the ideal configuration for handmade flutes. This improves high F-F# key operation, and because there are no pins, maintenance is easier.

The headjoint, body and footjoint of all professional flutes are heat treated through an annealing process that allows the instrument to vibrate more freely, providing optimal response and beautiful resonance.

The keys are hand-assembled and meticulously balanced for a perfect touch, and the key shapes have been so exquisitely designed and ergonomically placed that the flute will almost ‘disappear’ in your hands. Performances will feel effortless and natural.

A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms, similar to those found on Handmade Flutes. Their beautiful designs are inspired by traditional European styling.

Product Specs

  • Toneholes: Drawn & Curled
  • Ring (French) Keys
  • Offset G Key System
  • B Footjoint
  • Split E Mechanism

Model: YFL-677HCT
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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SKU:  ae00-39934^YFL-677HCT
Manufacturer Part #:  YFL-677HCT
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