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Why Ward-Brodt? We’re Glad You Asked.

6 reasons why you should make music with us.

Stop and think for a moment. What is the last concert you attended? Grateful Dead? Yo-Yo Ma? Katy Perry? Did you ever lay eyes on an arranger, board operator, or engineer? We didn’t think so. But without those critical teams, the performer you saw on stage would have simply fell flat.

It’s kind of like that here at Ward-Brodt. We’re a vital part of your musical team with a mission to make you shine as a musician. From the uber-knowledgeable salespeople to the gifted technicians behind closed doors restoring and repairing instruments, music is our life. To us, it’s not just about selling and renting instruments – it’s about a passion for making music together.

Here’s why you should turn to us when you’re in need of an instrument:

  1. We go beyond our usual business hours, all in the name of serving you.
  2. You’ll have a huge variety of instruments – and we know everything about each one.
  3. We can hand deliver to schools throughout southern Wisconsin.
  4. You’ll enjoy lightning-fast exchanges and repairs so you’ll never miss a beat.
  5. You can visit our state-of-the art facility and jam with us any time you want (yes, really!).
  6. Our staff is cool and in touch with today’s musician – in fact, we’ve stayed in tune with our customers’ evolving needs since 1927.

Looking for an instrument dealer who’s as passionate about music as you are? At Ward-Brodt, the love of music is in-house and overstocked, both front-of-house and backstage. Let’s make some music.

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