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School Delivery

Instruments to your door in a jiffy.

You’re a music teacher, so we know that you’re in charge of a lot of moving parts. Students, concerts, pep band, and perpetually broken reeds. That’s why we make school delivery as easy as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check out the services we offer, and decide what you need
  2. If you need school delivery, sign up online. 
    1. Enter your school name and location
    2. Pick a delivery date
    3. Get matched with a road rep—If you're already signed up, find out which road rep delivers to your school
    4. Place your order
    5. Keep your eyes peeled for an order confirmation email
  3. Once your order is in the works, we’ll get to processing and filling your package
  4. Finally, your order will be safe and snug on a truck for delivery the next day

If you’re not totally sold by the easy process outlined above, here are a few more reasons why you should look to us for school delivery:

  • It’s affordable. There’s no extra charge for delivery to participating schools.
  • It’s consistent. You’ll get consistent weekly deliveries from a road rep you recognize.
  • It’s fast. We’re known to risk speeding tickets to deliver on time.
  • It’s flexible. Even if you’re far away, we’re happy to get you what you need.

Have questions about school delivery? Give us a call at 608.661.8600 and we'll get you squared away and set for delivery.