Lorenzo De Luca 4/4 Violin Only

Lorenzo De Luca 4/4 Violin Only

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Product Summary

For decades the Sheng family has been known throughout China for being highly distinguished musicians and instrument makers who take great pride in their craft. In the 1980’s, Zhonglon Sheng and his three brothers opened their own violin making workshop. The Sheng family combines their rich history of professional playing and accolades with their craftsmanship to manufacture instruments where science and artistry converge to produce masterful works of art. Today, Zhonglon’s niece Roxane and her husband Yao, along with their team, carry on that tradition with Amber Strings. Bringing these beautifully crafted instruments to directly to you. To quote Zhonglong, “Trying to achieve the best you can has been in our blood.” This is Amber Strings promise to you, to bring the highest quality in sound and craftsmanship along with outstanding customer service.

Product Features

As you move from the Moretti, to the Bosio, and finally to the De Luca you’ll see a lightening of the finish color that showcases an increasing visual quality to the cuts of wood. Flaming and aesthetic wood patterns increase moving up the line.

b.The wood for these models all have 14 or more years of aging before being made into an instrument.

c.Moving up the line the instruments will have seen more time in a craftsman’s hands. The more time spent graduating the wood, the better the sound quality.

Product Specs

  • Model: Stradivari

Model: VN-A
Manufacturer: Amber Strings

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