F-Attachment Trombone

SKU:  ae00-39514
Manufacturer Part #:  4047DS

Product Summary

The 4047DS Custom Reserve is the first new Getzen trombone in more than a decade. Three years in the making, designed from the ground up just for you. It's not just the trombone you want, but the trombone you deserve.

Product Features

Bell Section Highlights

Asymmetrical bracing that incorporates the use of both nickel silver and yellow brass. The combination of metals creates a balance within the bracing that adds to the harmonic resonance. Exclusive to the 4047DS.

A newly designed neckpipe.

An all new pipe taper and dimensions evens out intonation tendencies within the harmonic series to create a more consistent feel and sound. Exclusive to the 4047DS.

Rotor and Wrap Highlights

Getzen PowerBore Rotor. This enhanced conventional rotor combines the tried and true benefits of a conventional rotor with certain design tweaks and improvements such as port diameters, rotor passageways, and back plate inserts. Exclusive to the 4047DS.

"DS" Double Edge Bracing born of the famous Edwards B454-DE bass trombone.

This innovative bracing design within the bell section frees both the F attachment and the bell from inherent stress caused by conventional, invasive bracing systems improving both response and the overall resonance/liveliness of the trombone. Exclusive to the 4047DS.

Handslide Highlights

Solid nickel silver cork barrel assembly adds strength and mass to the inner handslide. Exclusive to the 4047DS.

A brand new leadpipe in the Getzen world.

Dozens of leadpipes were tested until the perfect match was found. As it turns out, the perfect fit was a decades old design that, until now, had been lost to history. Exclusive to the 4047DS. A large diameter, yellow brass end crook specifically designed and chosen to provide the width of sound and consistent feel players demand. Exclusive to the 4047DS.

4047DS Case

Custom Reserve trombones come standard in a Getzen exclusive fiberglass case featuring adjustable interior padding, removable shoulder and backpack straps, and a zippered, tablet sized pocket. A high grade, vegan leather wrap gives the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather with the benefit of abrasion, water, oil, dirt, and ultra violet resistance. The fiberglass shell provides superior protection compared to a typical gig bag while being much smaller and lighter than a traditional wood shell case.

Product Specs

  • Bore Size: .547"
  • Tuning Slide: Yellow brass bow; single radius taper*
  • Handslide: Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)
  • Yellow brass outside tubes with oversized, yellow brass end crook* and nickel silver over sleeves.
  • Solid nickel silver cork barrel assembly*
  • Bell: 8 ½", yellow brass with unsoldered rim, "B" Mandrel*
  • Mouthpiece: Griego CS5
  • Finish: Clear Lacquer Only
  • Valve: Open Wrap F Attachment, Getzen PowerBore Rotor*

Model: 4047DS
Manufacturer: Getzen

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Manufacturer Part #:  4047DS
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