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Instrument Rental Programs for Schools

Learn how we can help you strike up the band.

Are you facing the daunting task of getting a new crop of musicians their instruments? That’s where we come in. Here’s how we can help you out with a rental program for your school:

  • Your group will receive their rentals quickly
    Expect a fast turnaround on rentals, even in large quantities.

  • We’re chock-full of resources
    Look through our rental brochure and other resources for specifics on rental programs for schools.

  • You’ll never pay extra for repairs
    If one of your musicians wails a little too hard on their instrument, we’ll do an immediate swap at no extra cost.

  • Our rentals are actually straightforward
    You’ll love our guaranteed buyback program, financing options, and up-front pricing. What you see listed in our rental brochures is what your musicians will actually pay.

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Call us today at 608.661.8600 or contact us online to set up a visit from a rep.

  • Step 2: We’ll have an in-person meeting to discuss the details.