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Musical Instrument Repair FAQs

There are dozens of ways your musical instrument can get damaged. Most of them are unlikely to happen if you care for your instrument well but when a mishap does occur, be sure you know the ins and outs of managing a repair.

Should You Get a Guitar Tune-Up?

Every guitar, whether disused or well-loved, deserves professional care. Here are four reasons why you should invest in some TLC for your guitar at least once each year.

Top 4 Most Inspiring Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Some Super Bowl halftime shows are not memorable for the music, but for their mishaps or outrageousness. In this post, we’re tuning into those that stick in our minds as some of the game’s most iconic and inspirational musical performances.

The Multi-Keyed History of the Electronic Keyboard

You may think that the history of the electronic keyboard begins alongside bell bottoms, mullets, and platform shoes. In fact, its roots go much deeper, reaching back farther than the Vietnam War, back farther than your grandma’s Saturday afternoon organ rehearsals, back farther even than atomic bomb drills.

8 Parent Tips When Your Child Wants to Quit Music

Boredom and frustration are the roots of most want-to-quit phases. Power through them with these tips when your child wants to quit music.

Is Vintage Guitar Restoration Worth It?

From that garage sale Gibson to the forgotten Fender in the attic, a vintage guitar restoration project is hard for any guitarist to pass up. Before you start restoring yours, consider your ultimate goal.