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Pre-Concert Tips and Resources for Band Directors

Musical instrument repair tips and other music program solutions to help your performances go smoothly.

Our pre-concert tips and resources for band directors starts with preparing for performance-night emergency repairs.

When preparing your band for a big performance or competition, you’re sure to encounter inevitable challenges. Here are some tips and resources for band directors to help navigate pre-concert problems and help your students perform their best.

1. Prepare for performance-night instrument fixes

Although an ideal instrument repair involves the help of a reputable repair technician, pads can come loose and springs can break just before a big performance. Every band director should have an arsenal of emergency repair kit with paper, hair dryer, fabric-covered elastic hair ties and zip ties just for these situations. Here are some strategies to keep an instrument going all evening:

  • Use a piece of paper to help a loose cork or socket fit better
  • Gently reheat a loose instrument pad and pad cup to soften adhesive
  • Use a fabric-covered elastic hair tie for a spit valve with a broken spring or a malfunctioning sax register key
  • Temporarily use a zip tie in place of a missing saxophone guard screw

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While in emergency fix-it mode, be sure to avoid tactics like these that could severely damage the instrument:

  • Supergluing any parts together
  • Using forceful implements like wrenches
  • Using too much heat

Before attempting a DIY solution, however, check with our instrument repair technicians to see if we can provide a same-day repair. 

2. Line up emergency replacement instruments, if needed

For musical instrument repairs that require technical expertise, force, or glue, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Sometimes a quick fix may not fit the bill. When you sign up for our school music program, we'll set you up with a low-cost temporary rental on short notice when a student's instrument becomes badly damaged the week of the performance to ensure he or she can still play.

3. Deal with last-minute concert jitters

Jitters. Butterflies. Stage freight. These are strange but normal feelings your students may have before a concert. However, it's important to keep the nervous energy under control, or last-minute goofing off or fidgeting can turn into last-minute instrument damage! Use these tips to help your students deal with pre-concert anxiety:

  • Reassure them that they're well-rehearsed and will pull off a great concert
  • Encourage them to breathe deeply
  • Remind them to channel adrenaline into a high-energy performance
  • Lead them through warm-up stretches, such as shoulder rolls, to dissipate excess strain

Our pre-concert tips and resources for band directors don’t stop here. Our highly-experienced school music program representatives are available to provide information, advice, supplies, and unparalleled instrument repair services. Contact one of our music reps today to learn how you can join our school instrument rental program.

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