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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Music Lovers

Your inspiration to make more music in 2017.

One of our New Year’s resolutions for music lovers is to share your talents with a young person in your life.

The great thing about our New Year’s resolutions for music lovers is that they don’t ask you to deprive yourself of anything – they’re all about indulging in something you love! The New Year is a time to take stock of regrets and “what hurts” so you can create new plans—not find new ways to make yourself miserable! Behold, four don’t-have-to-quit-anything, no-self-torture New Year’s resolutions for music lovers:

  1. Take up a musical instrument you’ve always wanted to play
    Who cares if the dulcimer isn’t all over the radio? Find the music instrument that gives you a jolt of gotta-listen-to-this every time you hear it, and take it up yourself. Perhaps an instrument in the brass or percussion family may trip your trigger, or stroll your favorite local music store for inspiration. Just remember you don’t have to make a huge financial commitment: you can rent an instrument before you buy to see if it’s right for you!
  2. Return to an instrument you used to play
    “Someday you’ll THANK me for not letting you quit piano,” said almost every mother in America. If you used to play a musical instrument but fell out of practice, remember that the foundation is still there – and foundations are hard to destroy. We bet that if you give it a whirl, you’ll be surprised how quickly the piano/banjo/sax/triangle comes back to you!
  3. Share your talents
    If you know how to play an instrument well enough to teach others, share that love with a young person in your life. You could also look into teaching private lessons or at one of the many music schools in Madison. Do you know an eager young musician looking for an instrument? Help select the best musical instruments for kids based on their interests, natural ability, personality, and age.
  4. Fix what’s broken
    Is your instrument in need of some serious TLC? Resolve to repair or restore your broken or lackluster instrument so you can begin enjoying it again in 2017. No matter how long it’s been, how extensive the damage, or how strange the circumstance, trust a reputable repair technician to give your instrument the attention it deserves.

Do you have more ideas for New Year’s resolutions for music lovers? Share them with us. We’d love to learn how music will play a role in your 2017. For more inspiration for making music in the New Year, visit our Fitchburg musical instrument showroom or call us at 608.661.8600 today.