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Seasonal Instrument Care

Brass slide trombone with snow on bell being played outside.Many instruments are affected by seasonal changes. Proper maintenance and storage practices can help prevent major damage to your instrument.

What to Expect from our Musical Instrument Repair Process

No matter what instrument you play or how it was damaged, we have a convenient 4-step musical instrument repair process to repair or restore it.

Musical Instrument Repair FAQs

There are dozens of ways your musical instrument can get damaged. Most of them are unlikely to happen if you care for your instrument well but when a mishap does occur, be sure you know the ins and outs of managing a repair.

Is Vintage Guitar Restoration Worth It?

From that garage sale Gibson to the forgotten Fender in the attic, a vintage guitar restoration project is hard for any guitarist to pass up. Before you start restoring yours, consider your ultimate goal.

Our 7 Most Memorable Instrument Repairs

We’ve had our share of memorable, and sometimes quite humorous, instrument repairs. These are a few funny (after-the-fact) cautionary tales to help you keep your musical instrument from an early grave.

Essential Music Repair Shop Tools

Musical instruments need regular TLC to keep making music rather than noise. Your neighborhood hardware store may have a few tools that’ll do in a pinch, but nothing beats a professional music repair shop with tools designed specifically for your instrument.

Drum Repair Guide

To keep your historically significant instrument in good working order, read on to learn about the parts and repairs that are often necessary for popular drums and sets on the market. 

DIY Emergency Musical Instrument Repair Tips

It's every musician's worst nightmare: ten minutes before a big performance, you lose a pad. Or the spring on a spit valve breaks. Or the neck cork on a sax starts peeling off. Taking the instrument to a pro isn't an option when you’re just about to walk on stage.