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Top 5 Reasons to Step-Up

Violins hanging with text that reads 5 Reasons to Step-Up. A carefully constructed musical instrument can make a huge difference. Here are five reasons why a step-up instrument can be a smart investment.

Step-Up to Yamaha at Ward-Brodt Music

Out-growing your current horn? Step-Up instruments can help take you or your young musician's talent to the next level. Upgrade to Yamaha at Ward-Brodt music and save! October 1st through December 31st receive a $50 or $100 rebate when you buy a qualifying new intermediate or professional Yamaha wind instrument.

Top 4 Most Inspiring Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Some Super Bowl halftime shows are not memorable for the music, but for their mishaps or outrageousness. In this post, we’re tuning into those that stick in our minds as some of the game’s most iconic and inspirational musical performances.