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What to Do When Your Child Asks to Be a Professional Musician

Graduation season is in full swing and your child has probably spent some time thinking about what comes next.  So what do you do when your graduate tells you that they want to be a professional musician? We say go for it.

Beginner’s Guide to Woodwind Instruments [Infographic]

Here are the basic features, accessories, and maintenance tips for flute, clarinet, saxophone, and oboe to help you choose between our woodwinds instrument offerings. 

Pre-Concert Tips and Resources for Band Directors

When preparing your band for a big performance or competition, you’re sure to encounter inevitable challenges. Here are some tips and resources for band directors to help navigate pre-concert problems and help your students perform their best.

3 Common Types of Guitar Restoration Projects

Here are three types of guitar restoration commonly required in such cases.

What to Expect from our Musical Instrument Repair Process

No matter what instrument you play or how it was damaged, we have a convenient 4-step musical instrument repair process to repair or restore it.

The Relationship Between Music Education and Brain Development [Infographic]

According to research, music bestows plenty of non-musical brain development benefits. In fact, it can make your child's brain physically larger and enhance brain function.