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About Ward-Brodt

The abbreviated history of your favorite music store.

Hello, we’re Ward-Brodt. We’re a full-service musical instrument store, offering repairs, rentals, and more to music lovers in southern Wisconsin.

We were founded in 1927, so we’ve been around the block a few times. You’ll notice that depth of experience in every little thing we do.

Musical Milestones – Our History

  • 1914 The Hook Brothers Piano Company is founded at 101 State Street in Madison where our namesakes T. Lane Ward and Cecil Brodt are employed.

  • 1927 T. Lane Ward and Cecil Brodt found their own company, Ward-Brodt Music.

  • 1930 Ward-Brodt opens new doors at 208 State St., while Cecil Brodt branches out to start his own store in North Carolina.

  • 1951 After the death of T. Lane Ward, Charles M. Faulhaber of Sheboygan, Wisconsin purchases Ward-Brodt. Upon his death, Janet Faulhaber becomes President until she passes that title on to Michael Faulhaber in 1983. Janet is still our Chairman of the Board and Secretary. (Hi, Janet! We love you!)

  • 1955 Ward-Brodt makes a new home at 315 N. Henry Street, where it stays until 1977.

  • 1979 The Johnson Music House is acquired and rechristened as Ward-Brodt West.

  • 1983 Both branches merge to create Ward-Brodt Music Mall, creating an industry-leading showcase for the musical retailer of today and tomorrow.

  • 2002 Our first generation e-commerce website is born, named “Big Note Express.”

  • 2015 We thought it was time for a change of scenery, so we relocated to a state-of-the-art facility in Fitchburg with plenty of square footage for jamming—over 14,000 square feet, that is.

  • 2016 Early in 2016, we decided to put our best face forward via a brand new e-commerce website. You’re looking at it right now, actually. How do we look?

Now that we’ve relived our illustrious history, let’s get to making more music. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.

If your future includes getting your hands on a new instrument, shop for one online or get started on a rental